The MESH (M akers E ducation S ocial H ack) program is a SokoTech initiative aimed at trainers who work with young people in programs for social inclusion. Its objective is to launch a scalable experience for libraries, community centers, civic centers, schools and other public or private facilities. It consists of an online and universal access training program based on the Maker philosophy and open source ethical tools. From digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping, it seeks to generate emancipatory learning environments for young people. Each of the knowledge capsules made for the project has been developed by leaders in Maker education and social inclusion.

Through these, each trainer learns and is capable of awakening interests, passions and strengths in young people, putting at their disposal the latest technologies, knowledge and skills to allow them to carry out a project of interest to them and their community.

MESH begins as a pilot program in collaboration with the Pare Manel Foundation in the Verdum and Nou Barris neighborhoods (Barcelona) and the support of the Barcelona City Council.

The objective of “47605 Words” is the creation of a new language that is developed from all the languages ​​present in this neighborhood. This new language will be created with the active participation of people belonging to different social and cultural groups in the neighborhood who wish to participate in the project, who will be asked to contribute 20 words in their language, the 10 most useful words and the 10 more words beautiful.