The MESH (M akers E ducation S ocial H ack) program is a SokoTech initiative aimed at trainers who work with young people in programs for social inclusion. Its objective is to launch a scalable experience for libraries, community centers, civic centers, schools and other public or private facilities. It consists of an online and universal access training program based on the Maker philosophy and open source ethical tools. From digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping, it seeks to generate emancipatory learning environments for young people. Each of the knowledge capsules made for the project has been developed by leaders in Maker education and social inclusion.

Through these, each trainer learns and is capable of awakening interests, passions and strengths in young people, putting at their disposal the latest technologies, knowledge and skills to allow them to carry out a project of interest to them and their community.

MESH begins as a pilot program in collaboration with the Pare Manel Foundation in the Verdum and Nou Barris neighborhoods (Barcelona) and the support of the Barcelona City Council.

Projects for the general public from 16 years old, to enter the maker culture and become designers  from the start of the process. Actual projects are solved, prototyped with digital manufacturing machines such as the laser cutter, the 3D printer, or the vinyl plotter.

Students learn to use 2D and 3D software to materialize our ideas.

The project is an initiative of Libraries of Barcelona and Barcelona Activa within the framework of the Antenas Cibernàrium, coordinated by Soko Tech in collaboration with the Ateneu de Fabricació of the Parc Tecnològic.

Scratch training session at the Green FabLab in Valldaura with the families that win the Scratch Challenge 2019, focused on the development of computational thinking for children and children from 9 to 14 years old, with the aim of promoting digital skills, creative thinking and collaborative work between young people. Scratch, created by the MIT Media Lab, is a visual programming environment that allows creating and sharing between other people in the world.

DSIPLAY is a new series of digital social innovation experiences that aims to show the general public the most outstanding Barcelona projects being implemented in this field. The cycle offers a series of experiences open to everyone to find out what digital social innovation is all about.

Likewise, the cycle seeks to promote synergies between urban actors and citizens in order to generate mutual learning in areas such as technological entrepreneurship, participation, the maker world, the collaborative and circular economy or the use of data.

Cycle of experiences around digital social innovation, co-created with Barcelona Activa, SokoTech, Fab Lab Barcelona, Smart City Week, Innoba, Ateneu de Fabrication de Les Corts, Hangar, Nau Bostik, Colectic, ElISAVA, Barcelona Tech City, Dimmons, Decidim, Bit Foundation, Maker Faire Barcelona.


With culture, we transform education to transform the world.

Annual programming week at the MWC, addressed to the general public who, with the technology thread, brings together scientists, technologists, sportsmen and professional training students. It also includes workshops specific to unemployed/attached people, designed to show how technology can offer job opportunities. The central act is essentially aimed at young people, a collective essential for social and economic transformation..

The objective of “47605 Words” is the creation of a new language that is developed from all the languages ​​present in this neighborhood. This new language will be created with the active participation of people belonging to different social and cultural groups in the neighborhood who wish to participate in the project, who will be asked to contribute 20 words in their language, the 10 most useful words and the 10 more words beautiful.