Device Lab 5G

DeviceLab 5G, New at our SokoTech space.

With the support of Mobile World Capital Barcelona. An experimental space with shared 5G technological resources.

DeviceLab 5G was born with the desire to share conceptual and technological state-of-the-art resources in an environment with 5G infrastructure with the aim of putting at the reach of diverse groups of researchers and professionals the latest devices and creators of cutting-edge technology from the most advanced companies.

It is an experimental space that seeks researchers and professionals to progress their ideas and/or find other innovative ways to apply wireless technology in research and discovery.

The laboratory has been created thanks to the collaboration between SokoTech and Mobile World Capital Barcelona, ​​and has the support of Vodafone.

In addition, the DeviceLab 5G is part of the 5G Barcelona initiative, a public-private initiative that works to position Barcelona and Catalonia as an innovative and open environment for the validation and adoption of 5G technologies and applications, thus joining the network of 5G Barcelona innovation spaces open to researchers, companies and people so that they can test their ideas on different networks according to their needs, test concepts and build prototypes that can be turned into solutions for society.

SokoTech groups four laboratories: DeviceLab 5G, STEAMLab, XRLab and BioTechLab (DIYBio Barcelona) that, beyond providing feedback, develop joint projects that propose new strategies and technological solutions to social challenges.

These laboratories bring together a community of scientists, resident technologists, artists, educators, designers, engineers, and architects who interact and create projects from their conceptualization, development and implementation.